Premium Sound Pack 001: Pro Found Sounds

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(listen to demo samples)


recorded by AHEE. edited by AHEE and WYLIE CABLE.

This collection of over 500 uniquely recorded found sound samples will instantly expand your sonic capabilities.  Every sound was beautifully recorded in true stereo, then edited down into useful one shots, loops, rhythms, and melodies.  Every sample was hand selected from a raw archive which was recorded over 10 years which contains original site-specific sounds like:

  • Flutes, Violins, Church Organs and more, recorded in naturally reverberant spaces
  • Trumpets, Trombones and other Brass Instruments 
  • Drums from different regions of the world, clapping, shakers and other unique rhythms
  • Glass shattering and falling through a matrix of differently spaced nails
  • Individually recorded Acoustic and Folk Instruments from around the world
  • Guitar harmonics and prepared piano sounds
  • Drilling a wooden dowel into a block of styrofoam 
  • Dragging metal chairs on linoleum floors at CalArts
  • Crunching snow on Mountains in Chile
  • Unplugging an electric Saw
  • Vintage electronics glitching and powering down
  • Gongs, Chimes and Bells
  • Foley recordings of crowds around the world
  • Laughter and public conversations
  • The sounds of wild life and animals at night
  • Breaking Ceramic pots on concrete
  • Popping bubble wrap, breaking rubber bands, and whips cracking in the air
  • Squeaky doors and creaks from old hardwood floors
  • Tibetan throat singing
+much more
Sounds recorded by Chris 'AHEE' Adams, compiled and edited by Ahee and Wylie Cable