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since day one, tasty chops subscribers have been asking for the full samples. this is the #1 most requested download, available only thru this secret link. 

- 3GB of the most fire samples used for tasty chops since the beginning. over 300 songs, selected for maximum sample-osity. 

- all files sorted by key and tempo, with a harmonic mixing table included for reference. super convenient file management, samples ranging vastly in style key and tempo, something for everyone in here... many options in each key and a wide range of tempos... 

- meticulously hand selected and curated by eraserfase.

- rare and obscure finds. 

- over one year of discovery, curation and archival went into making this

- ultimate DJ Crate and producer tool... a huge archive at your fingertips... whether you're djing or cutting this stuff up for use with your beats, this download is an incredible value that will last you a very very long time. 

- one time download, no subscription necessary